Successful installation of a crane at WPP “Svoge”

The first stage of the partnership between “Podemcrane” AD and WPP “Svoge ” has been successfully completed (part of Petrolvilla Group Energia e Ambiente).

Petrolvilla is a group of leading companies in the energy sector in Northern Italy, active on the energy market for more than twenty-five years and continuously increasing its market share, volume of projects and number of employees. In Italy Petrolvilla operates in the regions of Milan, Trento, Bolzano, Verona and Vicenza, and its annual turnover exceeds 338 million Euros. The joint project of Svoge Municipality and Petrolvilla will lead to the construction of a cascade of nine water power plants along the Iskar river, located partially in Svoge and Mezdra, between the villages of Thompson and Gabrovnitsa.

On 04.11.2011, Podemcrane installed and set into operation the first of nine cranes, which will service Petrolvilla’s water power plants in Bulgaria, and namely WPP “Tserovo” part of “Cascade Middle Iskar”.

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