Jib Cranes

Podemcrane offers a range of jib cranes to organize individual working places in a production hall.

Standard construction of the jib cranes allows for short production times at the best price. These cranes have compact dimensions and can be easily installed. They are an excellent solution for handling loads within small working areas.

Podemcrane’s standard range is:

  • Capacity: 125 to 2000kg
  • Jib arm’s length: 2 – 8m
  • Rotation angle: 270°
  • Column height: up to 5m

Wall Jib Crane

The wall jib crane is a perfect solution for a working place situated near a wall or another vertical element. Because of its compact structure the wall jib crane can be mounted under a bridge crane at different heights depending on the requirements.

Column Jib Crane

A column jib crane is appropriate in cases, when there is no support for mounting a wall jib crane. Column height is defined according to the necessary lifting height. A high-quality support ensures easy usage and convenience.

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