Podemcrane AD – the successor of Podem, runs the biggest European based production facility in Europe for electrical wire rope hoists.

In its history the Company has sold more than 1 900 000 units of lifting equipment around the world. We have become a market leader in many markets around the globe.


April 1, 1961 – the official inauguration of Podem.
The State of Bulgaria has decided to build a production company to supply the crane manufacturers in Eastern European countries and former Soviet Union with electrical wire rope hoists.
Same year Podem started the production of the hoist type T – the greatest number ever sold in the world.


First Gold medal prize from the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv.
In its history the Company has been awarded more than 10 Gold medal prizes.


Podem started international sales through distributions in 40 countries around the world including Western Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America represented by its state commercial structures Balkancarpodem and other PODEM brand names.


Podem became the biggest hoists manufacturer worldwide. Production capacity reached 100,000 wire rope hoists per year!


The total number of hoists exported to Russia and the former Soviet republics reached 1 000 000 units.


The M type of hoist entered production lines covering the range up to 50t.


The Bulgarian Ministry of Economy initiated privatization of Podem AD. The state-owned company was partially privatized. Few other small hoists producers emerged, capitalizing on the fully destroyed Soviet market and the non-restructured newly privatized company.


Production of 34 years old hoists series T was stopped. New series MT replaced T.


The former state-owned company was fully privatized. The Company started to promote alone its only brand name PODEM.


The new company Podemcrane AD – the successor of Podem, started operation. The Company continued to promote the PODEM brand.


The MTM type was developed, replacing the MT series.
Same year the Company started engineering and manufacturing of industrial cranes under the trademark PODEMCRANE and only few years later became the market leader in the region (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia).


Podemcrane’s office in Moscow (Russia) was opened. Podemcrane OOO started operation.


The Company entered in a Joint Venture agreement with the German electrical motor producer EMGR GmbH.
Same year appointed locally based Sales agents in Serbia and Spain.
CLF chain hoist becomes part of Podem product family


Podemcrane produced the hoist No 1 960 000.