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About Our Rope Hoists

Hoist Gearbox
All gearboxes are of planetary gear type, 2 or 3 stages and lubricated for life. The hoist gearbox reduces the speed of the lectric motor to the required rpm of the drum.

Self braking cylindrical lifting motor
The three-phase asynchronous electric motor with cylindrical rotor and disc brake is available in both single or dual speed option.
The single polarity motor allows inverter control for smooth acceleration and deceleration of lifting speed.

Rope Guide
The rope guide consists of two parts: the guide ring and pressure spring.
The pressure spring ensures that the rope sits correctly into the drum groove whilst the guide ring always maintains the rope in the correct position preventing the rope from coming off the drum groove. The guide is a robust steel design fitted with high quality bearings. Movement of the guide across the drum activates the up/down limit switch.

Load limiter
All hoists are endowed with overload limiter are with two reaction thresholds:
- 1st stop - Activating a WARNING
- 2nd stop - stopping both lifting and travel actions

Control panel
Every hoist is equipped with high quality full-set control panel.
Any special requirement (wireless push button, inverters, ...) can be included under request.

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