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Podemcrane offers solutions for modernization of existing equipment, which improve reliability and productivity. Modernization is of great importance for controlling maintenance costs and safety.

Modernization improves:


  • The latest safety regulations 
  • Operator flexibility in relation to positioning against the load
  • Used components comply with the regulations of local and international standards


  • Maximum increase of operational indices through complete and reliable modernization solutions
  • Material saving through using materials and components from the existing construction
  • Decreased maintenance expenses and full utilization of production time
  • Decrease of energy expenses
  • Modernization planning
  • Service and maintenance can be provided by a sub-contractor


  • Lifting and travelling speeds increase
  • Repairs time decrease
  • New systems for positioning and complete crane control improve your efficiency
  • Operation life of equipment is significantly increased


  • Professional planning and effective implementation of the modernization project
  • Efficient regional service network available
  • Our aim is to improve your productivity and to minimize repair time

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